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Welcome to Tunisia Media Sat.

Tunisia Media Sat (TMS) is an all in one company that provide you all you need to cover all news and sport events in Tunisia.

Starting from video coverage ,production and satellite program delivery to all the world. we provide cameramans, high performance editing facilities and SD/HD D-SNG for Satellite links.

New streaming facilities like TVU, Aviwest are as well provided.


You need all or a part, please get in touch with us and we will be pleased to provide the solution you need.


Special Operation : 18th Summut of the Francophonie (18ième sommet de la Francophonie)

We will be covering this event.

Onsite with:

Camera crews

SNG facilities

Live standups, playouts, SNGs uplinks

Live streaming, TVU, Aviwest, LiveU.

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Tunisia Media Sat
Centre Urbain Nord

1082 Tunis

Phone: +216 29 57 66 15

Phone: +216 58 99 07 02

E-mail: booking@tunisiamediasat.com

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